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Construction Services

Engineering and Project Management

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Construction Services

Company Construction Services was established in year 2007 as a service company for group of construction companies in effort to cover supplies for selected building materials and supporting services, including engineering.

At the same time it had a target to provide its own services in the sphere of rental of site equipment.

Designing Services, Engineering and Project Management
Pressure stations and networks of technical and medical gases
Sale and rental of Site Equipment, Rental of Containers - Inžiniering a projektový manažment - Inžiniering a projektový manažment


Quality management system

Regarding effort to stable attention and raising of the quality of provided services in company Construction Services there was established and applied Quality Management System according to STN EN ISO 9001:2009 for following activities

The achievement of that intention is based on policy of quality management.


Offer of services

Support services in the construction industry and ensuring the distribution of technical and medical gases.