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Company Quality Policy


Company Construction Services s.r.o. is cooperating in construction market in effort to provide supporting construction services as engineering and project preparation, rental of site equipment and execution of supplies of selected building materials.

Company management has decided to oblige to carry on stable attention on quality of services and to secure in addition to high efficiency of service provision and also gradual and constantly increasing demands of customers.

Quality of service provision is the final result of staff performance and participate in creation of reputation and status of the company.

In effort to achieve this target our company appear from Company Quality Policy, which is based on following fundamentals:

1. Relations with business partners – customers, suppliers

We focus on individual requirements of our customers and satisfying them in effort to help strengthen their market position. Customer satisfaction is a major recognition of the quality of our services. On the other hand our suppliers must be able to deliver products and services according to our needs and specifications of maintaining required level of quality.
We bent on long-term and fair trade based on open communication, transparency, mutual trust and satisfaction.

2. Employees
We pay attention upgrading skills and professional growth of our employees, support their creativity development and encourage them to active approach in relation to the achievement of quality targets. Since the quality of customer service affect all employees, each one act to provide customers with the product or services that meet customer requirements as well as legislative requirements.

3. Work safety and protection of the environment
Creating conditions and procedures for quality work is a condition for maintaining a high safety standard. Employee safety is one of the highest priorities of our company.

4. Sustainable development – permanent observance of QMS
Necessary condition for achieving the satisfaction of customers is prevention of mistakes, e.g. decrease extent of disagreements in the supply of products and services. The process of permanent improvement of products and services, efficiency of processes and system on all company levels through appointed targets is method to obtain the quality, achieving success and keeping availability for competition in market economy.

5. Membership in organizations
Since 2013 company Construction Services is a member of Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers ( SKSI is a professional organization representing its members – authorized civil engineers and volunteer members.

6. Company reputation and business ethic
One of the bearing piles of providing our business and services is ethical and moral. We believe that good company reputation and correct relations should be built by fulfilling our business commitments, constructive approach in solving operative problems as well as keeping valid rules and also by applying basic moral values. - Inžiniering a projektový manažment